Registration process

We offer you a 1:1 registration process to help you select the course that best matches your needs.

1 상담

First, you need to have a 1:1 consultation with out staff through Kakao. After deciding the right course for you, you can fill our registration form.

2 결제

After your payment, we will send you a confirmation message. Now you officially start your K-journey!

3 Confirmation

After the payment is realized we will confirm it with you.

Before class, we will send you all the information needed!

How to apply

Online or come to visit us!


You can apply online through Kakao or WhatsApp.

Visit us

You can come directly to our center and register. You need reservation!

How to process the payment

Details to check!

  • You need to proceed to make the course payment to complete your registration. 
  • Please Kakao/WhatsApp us the bank receipt once you have made the payment.


  • Bank: Shinhan Bank
  • Bank Account Number: 
  • Account Holder : 


  • You can pay by card or in cash.
  • Please, consider that you have to pay in advance before your first class.


Due to PayPal policy, you will be charged an extra 5%. If you requite invoice, please let us know!

대표 : Ana Isabel Porcel Velasco ㅣ 사업자등록번호 : 426-67-00466
주소 : 서울 강남구 논현로 105길 5, 4층 아나랭귀지랩 ㅣ 고객센터 : 0507-1346-0833

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